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INVBAT.COM is helping students, teachers, and employees to create their own interactive and personalize calculator website for only $2.00 per month to solve their common problem of forgetting formula and calculator and ensure retention of their acquired mathematical knowledge for life needed in the fourth industrial revolution where computational speed , creative solution , continuous quick learning, and fast memory recall of acquired knowledge are the key elements.

Students can learn and remember more than 140 important mathematical concepts and example of applications use in work and school. In addition INVBAT.COM offer better feedback real time scenario analysis because the combine formula and calculator are interactive.

The best part if students subscribe to INVBAT.COM they will less likely to forget what they have studied at school for life because it is available on demand to ensure retention of mathematical concept using their smartphone, tablet, laptop, or desktop computer. The webpage number is associated to important mathematical lesson to learn aligned to common core mathematics standard . Keyword search is also provided to help in memory recall of mathematical concept.

Teachers can assign mathematical concept to students by listing the webpage number to study to help the student to catch up. Teachers can subscribe to INVBAT.COM to create an individual listing of webpage number assign to students. Another benefit for subscribing is saving time for teacher to create and manage their curated website so they can focus more on coaching, inspiring, and motivating their students. The teacher's part is to send e-mail to and INVBAT.COM will manage the website curation part.

Names of students are not needed because INVBAT.COM can create customize webpage. For example if a teacher is subscriber 101 , we will create a webpage S101 meaning subscriber 101. Then teacher will assign number 1 for student 1 that need helps on fraction web page 180.html and 181.html as an example. The teacher's personal website will have a webpage link for student 1 "S101_1" that they can click to follow up with student. Because it is cloud based technology student can open the link "S101_1" on demand using their smartphone, tablet, laptop, or desktop from the webpage in INVBAT.COM search box by typing only S101_1 since there is no student information associated to the webpage there is no privacy question to worry.

Teachers can assign students to take mathematics assessment test aligned to common core mathematics standard to assess the gap in their mathematical skills. For examples:

113.html for 3rd Grader Mathematics Assessment test to identify the gap.
114.html for 4th Grader Mathematics Assessment test to identify the gap.
115.html for 5th Grader Mathematics Assessment test to identify the gap.
116.html for 6th Grader Mathematics Assessment test to identify the gap.
117.html for 7th Grader Mathematics Assessment test to identify the gap.
118.html for 8th Grader Mathematics Assessment test to identify the gap.
119.html for High School Mathematics Assessment test to identify the gap.
120.html for Pre-Algebra tutorial.

INVBAT.COM are using Amazon Web Services (AWS) such as EC2-Linux, EBS and S3 cloud technology managed by Bitnami Cloud Hosting and Yahoo web hosting in order to serve our growing number of daily users.

For students and employees after you place your order, contact us at with formula or equations that we will create for your customize combine formula and calculator.

For teachers you can send us your frequently used formulas and equations. Furthermore you can also send us student's webpage assignment list link to your personal webpage.

For school administrator you can buy your teachers subscription number and assigned the subscription number to your teachers. Then your teacher will send an e-mail about webpage lesson assigned to individual students to

For employer you can buy your employees subscription number and assigned this subscription number to your employees. Then your employee will send an e-mail about webpage calculator for customization to

For all monthly subscribers included in your subscription is creating your personal combine formula and calculator. Furthermore you have the option to have a password protected personal webpage and a webpage residing in a secured socket layer (ssl) indicated with https:// using 256 bit encryption technology. All you need to do is ask for it in your email to The only disadvantage is you have to remember your password to login to your personal webpage and additional three days to create your webpage meaning five to ten days.

So if you need to create your personal combine formula and calculator just send us an e-mail showing a sample calculation and we will create your personal interactive formula. Please don't forget to indicate your subscriber number because we will link the new interactive formula in your webpage. Also you must agree that your formula is for public consumption because it is searchable in internet. INVBAT.COM is only providing a platform to make your formula easy to find and use. Please read our disclaimer.

We will send you via e-mail your personal website within two to seven days from receipt of your order.

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