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How to use your smartphone as your on demand formula and calculator

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valid only for smartphone with microphone icon. Touch clear button. Next touch any white button. Next touch microphone icon . Next speak numbers only. Always use the word point for whole number. For example say 5 point 0 instead of saying five. Then press "Done"
Sometimes it does not work then just enter manually because it is still learning.

Power Triangle Calculator

Find the Vars needed to achieve a power factor of 98% and above. The transformer rating is 250 VA.

Calculated VAR or MVAR support needed to achieve the target power factor

Given MVA or KVA or VA

Step 2. Enter the VA or kVA or MVA

Angle Theta θ = °
Enter desired Power factor in ( % )
= %

To do scenario analysis, simply raise the target power factor. Next click the Solve button

Step 1. Then continue with Step 2 go above. Next enter desired power factor. Finally select the solve button.

Formula Recall
S2 = P2 + Q2 ; Using Pythagorean Theorem

NaN means Not a Number , what it means is the calculated answer is a complex number.This calculator only allows real numbers. So when the answer is a complex number, NaN will appear.Also if you enter any letter in the input box, example letter O, NaN will also appear. If you enter comma sign , you will get NaN error message. Re-enter the number without comma sign.