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Sine Wave Frequency Addition

Credit to: Geogebra - A B Cron for sharing publicly: Adding two sine function graphically
3rd harmonic frequency injected to fundamental frequency
Created by Apolinario "Sam" Ortega using Geogebra 7/9/2016

Credit to: Geogebra - Malin Christersson for sharing publicly: superposition of waves
Modified by Apolinario "Sam" Ortega for inductive circuit voltage, current, and power profile. Date created 7/9/2016

Fundamental Frequency = 60 Hz, display only 1 cycle

Freq: 1 Phase: 0 Click the animation button to start

Injecting 3rd harmonics to fundamental at 180 Hz

Freq: 2 Phase: 0

Injecting 5th harmonics to fundamental at 300 Hz

Freq: 3 Phase: 0

Addition of Waves 1, 2, and 3

Creating complex waveforms can be made by adding three series of sine waves with different frequencies. Increase or decrease the frequencies and increment the phase of the component sine waves to see how they add together.

Fourier analysis is breaking down a complex waveform into series of sine waves. As you can see from above waveform the total of three sine waves with different frequencies generated a new complex waveform. The process of adding together series of sine waves with different frequencies are called Fourier synthesis.

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