1. Touch the clear button below
2. Touch the input box below .
3. Touch microphone icon in your phone
4. Speak number only
two - eight- three
5. Speak key word " quadratic "
6. Touch the search button below

Training your smartphone to recognize your voice pronunciation
Repeat step 1 to 3
4. Speak "home" next touch search button
4. Speak " pythagorean " next touch search button
4. Speak "1 5 4 " access code

valid only for smartphone with microphone icon. Touch clear button. Next touch input box button. Next delete existing number. Next touch microphone icon . Next speak numbers or keyword. Try using the word point for whole number. For example say 5 point 0 instead of saying five. For decimal you say point zero, zero , five (.005). Next touch "done" button for I-phone (Apple) and touch "go" button for Samsung phone

How to calculate or show me the
Calculator / Formula / Equations