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If it takes you 20 minutes to remember the formula, find the calculator, remember how to use the calculator and finally solve the problem. With INVBAT.COM-A.I. you will use only 1 minute. Therefore you are solving the same problem 95% faster using INVBAT.COM - A.I. this is disruption worth sharing. INVBAT.COM - A.I. solving the problem of forgetting and retrieval.

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We used voice or text chatbot, expert system, and supervised machine learning

search in one click use number or keywords

Our expert system training labels are numbers, keywords, phrases, and FAQ. We discovered how to train our NLP using one training data to make one click search possible.

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Personal Memory Assistant


Point on Waveform Animation

Which fraction belongs in the box to make the number sentence true?

Gloria and her 3 friends will share a pizza equally. Which fraction shows the portion of the pizza each person will receive?

Adding Two Vectors

Adding Three Vectors

Adding Four Vectors

15 steps Square Wave

Relay versus PMU Data

Weibull Distribution Curve

Current Ratio Calculator

Transformer Voltage Ratio Calculator

Amplitude Ratio Calculator

Voltage Attenuation Calculator

Underground Conduit Installation Using 22.5° Elbow

Analog & Digital Transmission 101

3 Phase Transformer Available Fault Current Calculator

Active Power Transfer Calculator

Back to Back Capacitor Switching Calculator

Transformer Bushing CT Output Calculator

Power Triangle Calculator

Induced Voltage in Inductor Calculator

Motor Formulas Calculator

Frequency Dip Due To Loss of Generation Calculator

Signal To Noise Ratio Calculator

Ratio and Proportion Calculator

2 Simultaneous Linear Equations Calculator

3 Simultaneous Linear Equations Calculator

4 Simultaneous Linear Equations Calculator

5 Simultaneous Linear Equations Calculator

6 Simultaneous Linear Equations Calculator

Angle Between Vector A and Vector B Calculator

Matrix 3 x 3 Multiplication Calculator

Trigonometry Calculator

Decimal to Binary, Octal, Hexa Calculator

Digital Signal Conversion Calculator

Pressure Conversion Calculator

Cycle to millisecond Conversion Calculator

Power Conversion Calculator

Energy Conversion Calculator

Torque Conversion Calculator

Metric System Reviewer

Data Analysis and Statistics Reviewer

Hoist Chain Tension 1 and Tension 2 Calculator

Sum of Vector Current Calculator

Doble M4000 Power Factor Calculator

Bushing Power Factor of a Transformer

Pounds to Gallon Calculator

Vectors Dot and Cross Product Calculator

Circuit Analysis 4 Calculator

Circuit Analysis 1 Calculator

Circuit Analysis 2 Calculator

Capacitive Circuit Reviewer

Inductive Circuit Reviewer

Plotting Vector in 3D

Personal Loan Calculator

B-Tree Database and Retrieval System

Transformer BIL Reviewer

Sample per cycle to sample per second

Zero Current Crossing Reviewer

RLC Circuit Analysis 1 Calculator

Power Ratio Calculator

RLC Circuit Analysis 2 Calculator

RLC Circuit Analysis 3 Calculator

How do you know that learning happen in student's brain or knowledge was transferred to student's brain?


If the student can remember the procedural instruction how to solve the problem by using his memory only.

INVBAT.COM - A.I. + CHATBOT is very helpful for this kind of knowledge retrieval task because cloud technology have high speed , have large memory capacity and have fast computing power compared to human brain. Therefore human brain need Augmented Intelligence (Au.I.) to manage and control future advancement in Artificial Intelligence (Ar. I ) . Students, teachers, and employees today are busy they need on demand help to quickly review the procedural instruction. They also need automatic calculator for fast solution. By subscribing to INVBAT.COM - A.I. CHATBOT they will get on demand help using their smartphone, tablet, notebook, laptop, desktop, school smartboard, and even company smart T.V. in conference room.

INVBAT.COM -A.I. CHATBOT is solving previously impossible efficiency and convenience question. Example of impossible question 10 years ago, Can you combine formula and calculator make it available for immediate use using many devices? That is an impossible question 10 years ago ask by the founder of INVBAT.COM. Today that question is now considered as solved problem. You can help to grow the database of combined formula and calculator by subscribing or advertising to INVBAT.COM - A.I. + CHATBOT


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INVBAT.COM - A.I. a disruptive innovation in computing
and web search technology.


INVBAT.COM - A.I. is a disruptive innovation in computing and web search technology. For example scientific calculator help us speed up calculation but we still need to remember accurately the formula and the correct sequence of data entry. Here comes the disruptive innovation from INVBAT.COM-A.I. , today the problem of remembering formula and the correct sequence of data entry is now solved by combining formula and calculation and make it on demand using smartphone, tablet, notebook, Chromebook, laptop, desktop, school smartboard and company big screen tv in conference room with internet connection.

For web search , INVBAT.COM-A.I, is demonstrating that you can type text or use voice to text A.I. to search the web and get direct answer in one or two clicks. You don't need to waste your time looking from million of search results.