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Calculate Reactive Power To Increase Power Factor of Electrical System

P = 648.7 MW Q = 41.09 MVAR S = 650 MVA Sorry, your browser does not support inline SVG.

Find the MVARs needed to achieve a power factor of 99.8% .
The transformer rating is 650 MVA.

Active Power =

Reactive Power Needed =

Calculated VAR support needed to achieve the target power factor (If your input is VA) or
kVAR support needed to achieve the target power factor (if your input is kVA) or
MVAR support needed to achieve the target power factor (if your input is MVA)

Easy to use: Click the white input box then enter new number. Or click the clear button then enter new number. Please remember if your input is in VA, then reactive power is in VAR
If your input is in kVA, then reactive power is in kVAR
If your input is in MVA, then reactive power is in MVAR.

Step 1. Click the clear button Then enter VA or kVA or MVA . Next go to Step 2 enter desired power factor. Finally select button Solve, Q.

Given VA or kVA or MVA

Step 2. Enter desired power factor in percent, do not enter the percent symbol
Desired Power factor in ( % ) = %

To do scenario analysis, simply raise the target power factor and solve for the needed VAR or kVAR or MVAR support.

Angle Theta θ = °

Formula Recall

S2 = P2 + Q2 ; Using Pythagorean Theorem

Review Pythagorean Theorem: Example of mathematics and formula application

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