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We used voice or text chatbot, nearest neighbor and relevance search algorithm
One click search exact match algorithm. Example: get chatbot 2

Our expert system training labels are numbers, keywords, phrases, and FAQ. We discovered how to train our NLP using one training data to make one click search possible.

Benefits From INVBAT.COM -A.I + Chatbot Cloud Subscription

Benefit # 1. Ease of implementation, school principal and math teacher will not hire any I.T. support to implement our mathematics test reviewer. Just provide the access code to all of your math students from 3rd grader to 12th grader and immediately start learning how to solve mathematics questions aligned to Common Core Math Standard. Common Core Math Standard is based on Principles and Standards for School Mathematics developed by National Council of Teachers of Mathematics (NCTM)

Benefit # 2. Our mathematics test reviewer is almost zero maintenance time because it is a web based and cloud technology with redundancy and auto-scaling.

Benefit # 3. Annual cost is $300 per school. Our price is very cheap because we expect future revenue from advertising.

Benefit # 4. Teachers, students, and parents can immediately use it. Access using smartphone, laptop, Chromebook, tablet, notebook, desktop , and classroom smartboard. No personal data collection so no worry for student's privacy.

Benefit # 5. With explanation on how to solve each questions from 3rd grade to 12th grade. Student can immediately see what grade level they can solve and it gives them the opportunity to review mathematical concept that they might have forgotten. Because our math test reviewers are using cloud technology we promise at least 98 out of 100 or 98% of the time you have on demand knowledge retention. The 2% chance of forgetting your subscribe knowledge only happen if there is no internet connection. So if you live in the U.S. and other advanced countries with 100% internet service availability, it means your knowledge retention is almost 100% if you have INVBAT.COM -A.I. + Chatbot subscription.

Advance mathematics are needed in factory automation, building automation, smart cities, autonomous system and human + augmented artificial intelligence.


Teachers can save time in lesson plan research just by selecting from list of 300 math solved problem identified by State Board of Education that students are expected to learn.

For example our 300 solved problems comes from Arizona State Board of Education. Future roadmap will include California, Texas, New York, and Florida sample problem approved by their respective Board of Education.


Type or speak keyword or number 8

INVBAT.COM - A.I. + Chatbot is a disruptive innovation in computing
and web search technology.

INVBAT.COM - A.I. is a disruptive innovation in computing and web search technology. For example scientific calculator help us speed up calculation but we still need to remember accurately the formula and the correct sequence of data entry. Here comes the disruptive innovation from INVBAT.COM-A.I. , today the problem of remembering formula and the correct sequence of data entry is now solved by combining formula and calculation and make it on demand using smartphone, tablet, notebook, Chromebook, laptop, desktop, school smartboard and company big screen tv in conference room with internet connection.

For web search , INVBAT.COM-A.I, is demonstrating that you can type text or use voice to text A.I. to search the web and get direct answer in one or two clicks. You don't need to waste your time looking from million of search results.

INVBAT.COM - A.I. a disruptive innovation in computing
and web search technology.